Roof boxes

Roof boxes Neumann are made of high quality plastic materials that are resistent to high temperatures and UV radiation.

The boxes are equipped with two-point or three-point central locks or with two classical locks.  Easy opening and closing is enabled with double-action mechanical springs.

Most of the models have dual opening except for a few models with one-sided opening. The boxes can be attached to any roof rack with fast attachment system or steel U-bolts or in case of aluminium profiles with T-adapters, that are inseparable part of the package. Most of the boxes are equipped with sliding mechanism enabling easier manipulation when mounting the box onto the roof rack.Tightening the plastic nuts inside the box ensures safe connection of the box to the car. The transported load inside the box is to be secured with fixation straps.



In the future apart from practicality and reliability NEUMANN plans to further improve the design and inside equipment of the box.

NEUMANN collaborates with top design and development centres  working in the field of the automobile industry. Increasingly more accent is put on application of new materials increasing safety and durability of the boxes.

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