About us

NEUMANN spol. s r.o. is a Czech, family-owned company specializing in the production of roof boxes and roof racks. The company was the first to start selling these products on the Czech market. The first fproducts were roof racks for cars ŠKODA.

Manufacturing part of the company is to be found at Tuchlovice near Kladno town since 1992. Production and storage capacities have been gradually extended (e.g. production of roof boxes and powder coating unit). Injection forming has been installed recently. The current product portfolio includes a wide range of roof boxes, roof racks, roof railings and similar car accesssories. In 2012 the company celebrated the 20-year anniversary of its presence in the market.

Business part of the company provides wholesale, retail and internet sales activities. Neumann operates one of the largest online shops of its kind in the Czech Republic where not only

Neumann´s but also roof boxes, roof racks and other similar accessories of other foremost world manufacturers are traded. The company is based in Prague quarter of Braník where the largest retail store in the Czech Republic together with the company´s office premises, wholesale and e-shop warehouse facilities are kept.

NEUMANN belongs to the biggest manufacturers and distributors of products of its kind in the Czech Republic. More and more of its products are sold abroad and export has become a significant  part of the company´s turnover.

NEUMANN products are tested and certitied by TÜV. www.neumax.cz is one of the few online stores that are in a position, thanks its manufacturing background, to guarantee its customers full warranty and after-warranty service.

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